Nicole L. Turner Consulting is a MBE/SBE/DBE certified woman-owned management consulting firm. We transform organizations by helping them create people-centered workplace cultures and "detoxing" toxic work environments. Nicole L. Turner Consulting is a trusted C-suite advisor on change and transformation.


    Our mission is to create a workplace that values and supports a people-centered culture and promotes a healthy organization.



    Our core purpose is to help our clients create trust-based
    organizations. We achieve this by building relationships
    based on honesty, transparency and truth with our
    customers and partners.

    We maintain alignment among our beliefs, intentions, and
    actions. We commit to engagements that align with our
    core values and strengths and will make a positive impact
    in our client organizations.

    We acknowledge and honor all opinions and positions.
    We ensure others feel valued and heard. We provide
    opportunities for everyone to express ideas and concerns.

    We are in this together. No one person is more valuable
    than the sum of the parts. We stand “shoulder to
    shoulder” with our customers and partners to achieve all

  • Meet Nicole L. Turner


    The Culture Pro™

    I'm Nicole L. Turner - the Culture Pro™. My interest in workplace culture started as a result of years coaching individuals. As a mindset coach, I help individuals identify the mental and emotional toxins that are negatively impacting various areas of their life and develop a strategy to “detox” from those mental and emotional toxins. In my work with individuals, I discovered that some of their toxins were caused by toxic workplace culture. This led me to do a deeper dive into organizational behavior and culture. I discovered that toxic workplace culture caused a tremendous impact on employees’ mental health. Employees who experienced a toxic workplace culture suffered from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health issues. A toxic workplace culture doesn’t just impact the employee mentally, emotionally, and physically, it also impacts their family, friends, and the community in which they live. Toxic workplace culture also impacts productivity, customer relations, cybersecurity, profits, and the overall brand of an organization.


    I hold graduate degrees in Education and Business, I also hold a graduate certificate in Diversity Studies, and I am a certified Human Capital Strategist, Strategic HR Business Partner, and a Prosci-certified Change Manager, and a Co-Active Executive Coach. For years, I volunteered as a Diversity Value Index Judge. As a judge, I used defined metrics and benchmarks to assess how organizations are implementing Diversity and Inclusion programs and leveraging those programs to create business impact. I am also a mentor with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center where I mentor other business owners.