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    Courses are conducted in person or virtual

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    Nicole is a sought-after trainer and workshop facilitator. Her expertise positions her to cover a span of topics including organizational culture, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, and more. Nicole's courses are interactive with a mix of discussion, scenarios or case studies, and in-class activities. Nicole understands that every organization has unique training requirements. She turns those requirements into customized experiences that align with culture and people strategy to drive tangible results.

  • List of Courses Offered (we also develop customized courses for your organization)

    As part of our leadership development training, we evaluate the specific needs of leaders within a particular organization and design a development experience or an entire pipeline of development experiences across different levels to ensure that leaders have the knowledge and skills, and abilities to effectively execute on leading people.

    Leadership Development

    • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    • Leading Change: Build Support and Reduce Resistance to Organizational Change
    • Self Leadership: Leading from Within
    • Leading to Create People-Centered Culture


    Diversity and Inclusion

    • Unconscious Bias, Microaggressions, Blind Spots, and Stereotypes
    • Cultural Intelligence
    • Inclusive Leadership
    • Psychological Safety
    • Managing a Diverse Workforce


    Organizational Culture

    • Toxic Work Environment and Its Impact on Employees’ Mental Health
    • Creating an Exceptional and Dynamic Culture
    • Care to Do Better: A Holistic Approach to Employee Wellbeing
    • Mastering Change Management: Strategies for Effective Organizational Transformation
  • This training was fantastic! By far one of the best trainings I've attended. I've received so many requests for your information. It was really good!

    The training on toxic work environments is my new favorite. It touched on so many things that are happening in our organization.

    I have worked in non-profit education/counseling, as well as for-profit talent development/HR for about 30 years. I have attended many conferences and presentations. Your training was truly one of the best presentations I have heard on toxic work environments.

    Of all the presentations this week, this presentation was without a doubt the BEST! Love, Love, Love all the knowledge imparted. What a WONDERFUL way to close out the DEIA Symposium.

    Very enlightening and down to earth presentation! If this is not part of management training, it should be.


    This training really gets to the root of what employees need. I hope leadership is listening.