• Organization & Employee Surveys and Assessments

    There is almost always a disconnect between a leader’s perception of an organization’s culture and employees’ perception. These disconnects create communications challenges, misaligned expectations and result in reduced trust and confidence in leadership. We use a collection of assessments to measure organizational and individual performance to close the expectations gaps and build the strongest cultures possible.


    Changing mindsets and behaviors don’t happen all at once. Culture transformation takes time and commitment from all levels of the organization. How you go about involving employees in evolving culture says a lot about the type of culture you want to create.

    Areas of Focus

    • Culture Assessment and Transformation
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment and Strategy Development
    • Outsourced exit and stay interview provider, offering tailored, confidential insights to enhance retention and organizational effectiveness
    • Organizational Climate Survey
      • Employee Survey
      • Focus Groups
      • Individual Interviews
      • Root Cause Analysis
      • Review of organization's artifacts
    • Toxic Work Culture
    • Appreciative Approach to Improving Culture
    • Developing and Creating a Shared Vision and Values
    • Developing an Employee Engagement Strategy
    • Change Management / Organization Development
    • Aligning Culture with Strategy During Transition and Merger
    • Improving Employee Morale
  • The ADIE Model

    We achieve sustainable business success by creating people-centered workplace cultures.

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    Our holistic, people-centered approach builds on organizational cultural strengths and makes people part of the solution.

    Behind the many systems and processes that exist within an organization, you find people — the key component that underlies everything in business. Great companies cannot be successful without them. We rely on our people to stay innovative, adaptable, and productive in an ever-changing, market-shifting global economy. Every day companies and leaders are facing challenges and opportunities that require asking people to think, feel, or act differently in support of business goals. That’s where we come in.

  • How It Works



    A rigorous assessment process utilizes surveys, qualitative data collection methods, and facilitated processes with stakeholders to gain a deep and multifaceted understanding of the existing situation.



    A comprehensive plan is developed in order to build inclusion, momentum, and sustainability of the change effort.



    A variety of interventions are designed to drive tangible action, ranging from the organization-wide to individually-specific. Incorporating an element of coaching helps to reinforce the behavior change that is required to sustain performance



    Feedback loops and tracking mechanisms will help you ensure your actions are being taken and having the desired impact.