• Professional Speaker, Moderator, and Emcee

    Energizing, Motivational, and Inspiring

    A frequent public speaker, Nicole has provided featured keynote addresses, participated in panel discussions, and served as a moderator and emcee for a variety of corporate, government, higher education, nonprofit associations, and women empowerment events. Nicole speaks on a range of topics from workplace to self-help to motivational. Some of Nicole's speaking topics include:

    • Cracking the Organizational Climate and Culture Code: Unlocking Success in the Workplace
    • The Essence of Leadership: Inspiring and Motivating Others to Achieve Greatness
    • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: The Power of Self-Awareness and Empathy
    • LeadingThrough Change: Navigating Uncertainty and Building Resilient
    • Culture Transformation: From Toxic to Terrific
    • Employee Engagement: Beyond Perks and Benefits
    • Breaking Free: Unraveling the Chains of Limiting Beliefs
    • Embracing Self-Care: A Detox Journey
  • "Attending Nicole's talk at the women empowerment event was a transformative experience. Her words resonated deeply with me and many others in the audience. Nicole's authenticity and vulnerability created a safe space for meaningful dialogue and personal reflection. I left feeling empowered and inspired to embrace my own journey with renewed confidence."

    “One of Nicole's many gifts is the ability to encourage and inspire while delivering practical, easy to understand points to help you in uncovering your gifts, your inspiration, YOUR calling.”
    “I cannot say enough about Nicole Turner without tearing up. Nicole was a guest speaker at the Administrative and Support Professionals Group’s Training Conference speaking on “Developing a Career Road Map.” This training class was a huge hit among attendees, and they demanded that she return next year. She gives good sound career guidance and clear directions on how to achieve your career goals. She is always thinking on the positive side and has a way of motivating you to do your best. Nicole exemplifies excellence!”
    "Nicole's role as a moderator and emcee added tremendous value to our nonprofit association's event. Her professionalism and charisma kept the audience engaged and the program running smoothly. Her warm personality and natural ability to connect with people made her an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Nicole for any speaking or hosting engagement.


    “Nicole was the keynote speaker for Blacks in Government (B.I.G.) Black History Month program. She talked to us about detoxing our life, seeing the blessing in the door that never opened, and the importance of being comfortable being uncomfortable. Nicole is such an empowering speaker. She’s one of those speakers that leaves you wanting more.”


    "I had the pleasure of listening to Nicole speak on a panel discussion, and her contributions were invaluable. Her depth of knowledge and ability to articulate complex ideas in a relatable manner helped drive meaningful conversation and provide valuable insights for our audience. Nicole's passion for her subject matter shines through in her engaging speaking style."

    "Nicole's motivational talk at our higher education event was exactly what our students needed to hear. Her ability to connect with young adults and inspire them to pursue their passions was remarkable. Nicole's message of resilience and perseverance resonated deeply with our audience, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who attended. We look forward to having her back for future events!"

    "As someone who has attended numerous corporate events and heard various speakers, I can confidently say that Nicole stands out among the best. Her keynote address on navigating workplace challenges was not only informative but also incredibly engaging. Nicole's unique blend of personal anecdotes, practical tips, and motivational insights kept the audience captivated from start to finish. I left her session feeling empowered and equipped with strategies to thrive in my career."