• Unlock Transformation with Our Strategic Advisory Services

    Are you ready to revolutionize your organization’s culture, strategic thinking, and change management? Look no further! As a seasoned thought leader, I offer tailored monthly retainer advisory services designed to empower your organization’s growth. Choose from three dynamic packages, each meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs.


    What Sets Us Apart?
    In the ever-evolving business environment, the key to sustained success lies in your organization's ability to adapt and thrive amidst change. With our Monthly Retainer Advisory Services, you gain a dedicated partner committed to aligning your company's culture with its strategic objectives. I bring a wealth of expertise, honed over years of guiding diverse organizations through successful transformations.


    How It Works
    Our monthly retainer model ensures that you have a reliable and accessible advisor by your side at all times. From in-depth strategy sessions to real-time troubleshooting, I am here to address your unique challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Together, we'll proactively shape your organizational culture to foster innovation, enhance employee engagement, and drive bottom-line results.


  • Advisory Packages

    Transformative change begins with a strategic partner who understands your unique challenges and aspirations

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    Essential Advisory Package

    In this package, organizations receive essential guidance and insights to enhance workplace culture, streamline strategic decision-making, and drive organizational change. I’ll provide regular check-ins, customized recommendations, and access to relevant resources.


    What Organizations Get:

    • Monthly Strategy Sessions: One-on-one or group sessions to discuss organizational challenges, goals, and progress.
    • Culture Assessment: An initial assessment of the existing workplace culture, followed by quarterly updates.
    • Change Management Roadmap: A customized plan for implementing organizational changes.
    • Email Support: Timely responses to urgent queries.

    Monthly Retainer Fee: $5,500 

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    Advanced Advisory Package

    This package offers deeper engagement and strategic alignment. It’s ideal for organizations seeking comprehensive support in transforming their culture and achieving strategic objectives.


    What Organizations Get:

    • Biweekly Strategy Sessions: Regular deep-dive sessions to address complex challenges and refine strategies.
    • 360-Degree Culture Assessment: Comprehensive feedback from employees, leaders, and stakeholders.
    • Change Acceleration Workshops: Interactive workshops to empower teams and drive change.
    • Priority Email and Phone Support: Fast-tracked responses for urgent matters.
    • Quarterly Executive Briefings: Summarized insights and recommendations for leadership.

    Monthly Retainer Fee: $10,000 

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    Premium Advisory Package

    The premium package offers a holistic partnership, positioning you as a trusted advisor. Organizations benefit from ongoing collaboration and strategic foresight.


    What Organizations Get:


    • Unlimited Strategy Sessions: Frequent consultations to address real-time challenges and explore innovative solutions.
    • Culture Transformation Roadmap: A comprehensive roadmap for long-term cultural transformation.
    • Leadership Development Workshops: Customized workshops for executives and managers.
    • Priority Email and Phone Support: Immediate assistance via email, phone, or virtual meetings.
    • Quarterly Organizational Health Check: In-depth analysis and recommendations.
    • Exclusive Thought Leadership Content: Curated articles, case studies, and best practices.

    Monthly Retainer Fee: $15,500